About David Holden

Corporate finance professional David Holden currently serves as the Managing Director of SeaQuest Global Corporation. Having joined the company as one of its original Founders in 2009, he oversees the corporate finance activities of the firm and its subsidiaries. David Holden has assisted in structuring various corporate finance transactions for companies in which SeaQuest is a shareholder. Using his experience in negotiating financial restructuring, raising equity, and conducting debt financing, David Holden contributes to SeaQuest’s mergers and acquisitions activities. Prior to joining SeaQuest, David Holden functioned as a Senior Vice President for Harris Brown & Partners Limited. For four years, he worked in the firm’s Toronto office and handled a variety of tasks including acquisition negotiation, financial restructuring, corporate finance, and turnaround management. He contributed his years of experience and knowledge to a variety of mergers and acquisition transactions at the company. During his time with Harris Brown & Partners, David Holden oversaw the management of more than 40 corporate financing projects. David Holden was acknowledged as a leader in his industry in the “Who’s Who of Canadian Finance,” an article in the Ontario Business Journal. He has also earned 2nd place in a “London’s Top 50” ranking and holds a membership in the Toronto Board of Trade, a high-level chamber of commerce in Canada.


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